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Women Flip-Flop Sandals Review

Picking the best match of flip-flounder may not be the most significant choice you ever make, yet regardless we believe it's an essential one! We additionally acknowledge it very well may overpower with such a large number of sorts to browse at such shifting value focuses. We explored more than 100 models and handpicked 14 of the most well known ladies' models available. We at that point took them on three months worth of undertakings over miles of genuinely fluctuated territory. From urban bicycle rides to soak sloppy mountain trails to swimming in cool waterways, we flipped and slumped everywhere while investigating everything from solace and style to footing and water opposition. Regardless of whether you live for flip-slump climate or you're basically searching for some open-toed footwear to wear on your next excursion, we have you secured! Read on to realize which sets were our top picks and which ones fell somewhat short.
Next time you lower down from a tough climb or finish a brutal workout  be sure you have a trusty and comfortable pair of flip flops waiting to embrace your tired feet. Or a bunch of them!

To stay aware of the most recent patterns, we did some examination and included three new energizing models: the flexible Astral Rosa, the super classy OluKai Paniolo, and the cush, energetic The North Face Base Camp Lite. We cherished these fun and useful flips for various reasons — read on for more subtle elements!

Best Overall Women's Flip Flop

Birkenstock Gizeh

Birkenstock Gizeh Editors' Choice Award


(15% off)

at Amazon

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Footbed material: Suede-lined plug | Weight (match): 13.5 ounces

To a great degree solid

Awesome help


Enjoys time to reprieve in

Toe post is solid

The Birkenstock Gizeh gobbled up our Editors' Choice honor in the wake of exceeding expectations in each appraising metric and test we put it up against — even some that shocked us. This especially well-made ladies' flip slump turned out to be more agreeable the more we wore it and furthermore offered the most help and dependability of all our tried models. While the tasteful of the Gizeh doesn't do it for a few people, most observed it to be among the most snazzy in our test suite, and we were over and again inspired by the footing while at the same time climbing around on all way of landscape.

This shoe is a venture, and you may should be set up for a breaking-in period while the footbed molds to your feet. The toe post is additionally very solid and takes some becoming acclimated to. Yet, those that are patient will be remunerated with an agreeable, solid, and strong companion for a wide range of circumstances.

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Best Buy for Sporty Adventures

The North Face Base Camp Lite

Best Buy Award


at Amazon

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Footbed material: Injection-shaped EVA | Weight (match): 7.8 ounces



Great footbed footing

Less solid

On the smaller side

The North Face Base Camp Lite is fun and useful and will just set you back $35 — how might we be able to not give it a Best Buy grant? The comfortable footbed has quite recently enough finishing to both help with footing and give additional solace. Between the cushioned, pullover lined lash and the pleasant squish of the footbed, this current ladies' particular flip flounder requires no breaking in — it's prepared to hit the bank, asphalt, or shoreline ideal out of the case.

Just like the idea of light EVA shoes, this model isn't as sturdy as others in our survey. That being stated, it's well made and as long as it doesn't get hit with rockfall or turn into a puppy toy, we have little uncertainty it will last you for some a season. For the individuals who should be aware of the weight in their pack yet at the same time need to have a comfortable shoe curious to see what happens, this is extraordinary compared to other decisions you could make.

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Best Stylish Buy on a Tight Budget

Teva Olowahu

Teva Olowahu Best Buy Award


(53% off)

at REI

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Footbed material: Mush (an exclusive EVA) | Weight (combine): 6.4 ounces

Structures to your foot

Simple to spruce up or down


Lash issues

Harder to put on

The Teva Olowahu is a cheeky and jazzy shoe at a sweet cost, making it a simple pick for one of our Best Buy grants. The squishy froth footbed molds to your feet after some time and the exceptional tie design makes it a perfect contender for everything from shorts and tights to a charming dress for a night on the town.

Nothing unexpected, this isn't the most strong flip-slump we inspected, and the lashes took more time to dry when wet than other tried models. The befuddling ties likewise implied this wasn't a simple shoe to slip into and go, and they weren't a solid match for some foot shapes. Be that as it may, tastefully this was a group top pick, and for just $25, we think the Olowahu is a past a take.

Read survey: Teva Olowahu

Top Pick for Stylish Adventures

OluKai Lala

Olukai Lala Top Pick Award


at Amazon

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Footbed material: Molded PU, full-grain cowhide | Weight (match): 14.3 ounces

Extremely smart

Water safe

Great footing

Runs little and restricted

Elusive footbed


We had a gathering of ladies rate all our tried flip-flops from most to slightest jazzy, and the Lala was the complete group top choice. In any case, this isn't only a lovely shoe to take a gander at — it's additionally an all around developed and tough shoe that performed phenomenally over the entirety of our measurements. It felt secure on soak territory and dried immediately when wet, all while looking ravishing and feeling lavish.

The Lala's footbed was very tricky when wet, however it additionally devilish away the water rapidly, returning us to trust instantly. This shoe runs little and limited, so it's not for everybody, but rather for tight footed fashionistas that additionally need to be prepared for every one of the undertakings of summer, this is an extraordinary shoe to consider.

Read audit: OluKai Lala

Top Pick for Hiking and Scrambling

Astral Rosa

Top Pick Award


(20% off)

at Amazon

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Footbed material: Dual-thickness EVA | Weight (match): 12.7 ounces (with lower leg lash)

Additional tie gives predominant help and dependability

Incredible for climbing and water sports


Shaped edge at toes is set ungracefully

Ties can slip

The Astral Rosa is a distinct advantage. Say farewell to the times of requiring both flip-lemon AND shoes — now you can have everything in one. Wear the Rosa without the lower leg lash for a straightforward flip, include the tie for greater soundness and security. From your campground to the trail to the water, this all around tractioned and flexible shoe will turn into your go-to for each warm-climate action.

An issue of worry for us was the way that the lower leg tie would once in a while extricate while strolling. We saw this objection voiced in a few online client audits also. We additionally felt that the formed shape line between the chunk of the foot and toes was clumsily set for a few people. Be that as it may, with everything taken into account, we adored this current ladies' flip flounder so much we needed to grant it a Top Pick. No other model in our survey was too suited for the genuine swashbuckler who needs equip that can go the additional mile.

Read audit: Astral Rosa

Remarkable for Style

Olukai Paniolo


at Amazon

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Footbed material: Molded EVA, full-grain calfskin | Weight (combine): 12.9 ounces

Lovely itemizing

Well made

Great water obstruction


Looser fit

The OluKai Paniolo merited say here in light of the fact that it's simply out and out lovely. The seat roused sewing on the footbed hoists a basic flip to something exquisite and tasteful — and furthermore gives footbed footing! This shoe goes past feel in different ways as well: it's well made, shockingly water amicable, and gives better than average help. Much the same as a steeds saddle, you can put this piece through hell and back, and it just continues giving, looking better with age and love.

While these possibly aren't the ones to decide for those that lead a 100% rough way of life, they strike an incredible harmony among design and capacity for the correct individual. The Paniolo isn't shoddy, and the cowhide lashes get looser as they break in, yet by and large we observed this flip-flounder to be a victor that will interest a ton of ladies.

Examination and Test Results

For a large number of us, it is a blissful season when socks go from comfortable to smothering, and it's an ideal opportunity to break out the flip-flops. In case need another combine, you could go get something straightforward and plastic for $5 or $10 that will last a season or two, however we think your feet merit better! As a matter of fact, picking the correct shoe is less vital than finding the correct trail running shoe or the best fitting climbing boot, yet deciding on something with additional help, footing, and solace can help keep your feet and joints solid — particularly on the off chance that you invest a considerable measure of energy in open-toed footwear. Read on to find out about the upsides and downsides of the 14 sets we thoroughly tried for quite a long time in the Rocky Mountains — a zone known for its variable climate and wonderfully rough scenes — and past. For more nitty gritty data on the most proficient method to pick your next combine, make sure to look at our Buying Advice article.

From dry and dusty to wet and sloppy we put our flip slumps through long stretches of snags to enable you to locate your ideal match.

From dry and dusty to wet and sloppy, we put our flip slumps through long stretches of hindrances to enable you to locate your ideal match.


Buying flip-failures can mean burning through $5 or over $100, so it's vital to think about your needs and way of life when settling on a decision. Spending more cash doesn't constantly mean a superior item, however with regards to shoes there completes have a tendency to be a relationship. That being stated, certain materials and highlights that are critical for one individual may not be for another person. And keeping in mind that a few ladies will readily pay more for a popular piece, others need something agreeable for the bluff or the campground. Regardless of what edge you're moving toward this from however, we understand that value has a tendency to be a noteworthy deciding component. Along these lines, we offer a value versus execution diagram (underneath) to help control your choice. Drift over each dab to see which shoe it speaks to — the bigger blue specks are our honor victors. The closer a speck is to the lower righthand corner, the better value for your money you get in view of our rating measurements.


Ok, feet. One of a kind, extreme, odd, now and then rotten, and without question deserving of our regard and esteem. The prerequisites for keeping these workhorses solid and upbeat are distinctive for every individual, so surveying this metric was a multifaceted and included process. Solace is exceedingly abstract and, in that capacity, the scores we granted in this classification mirror a few components saw after some time. We observed how agreeable each match of flips learned about straight of the container, how comfortable they ended up after some time with some breaking in, and how the materials felt by walking in an assortment of circumstances and territory. Our best picks for comfort exhibit some exceptionally differing shoes, each with their very own allure contingent upon your foot shape and needs.

None of the flip failures for ladies we tried were awkward using any and all means (we test the cream of the product here at OutdoorGearLab!), yet some were more lavish than others. Our champ in this class, the OluKai Ohana, gave the "ooooh ahhh" factor more than some other shoe. With a super delicate shaped drop-in footbed motivated by the sentiment of uncovered feet in wet sand, the vibe of these flips is entirely special and great. Relatively each and every analyzer had a minute when initially slipping them on where some pleasurable commotion was expressed. The Ohana was likewise one of the more agreeable shoes to stroll around in when wet.

The Ohana is a truly agreeable flip slump that each analyzer delighted in wearing in an assortment of circumstances.

The Ohana is a truly agreeable flip slump that each analyzer delighted in wearing in an assortment of circumstances.

A nearby sprinter up to the Ohana was our Editors' Choice, the Gizeh, however for entirely unique reasons. The Gizeh, likewise with all Birkenstocks, molds to its proprietor's feet after some time. At the point when the shoe is new, it can feel very solid and hostile, yet with some persistence and constancy, you will be remunerated. The formed footbed and upturned sides embrace the feet cozily, and the brushed cowhide on the footbed and the underside of the ties is delicate and supple. The hard elastic toe post was the one thing that may turn individuals off to this shoe, as it very well may be very difficult at first. However, in any event for us, following a couple of long stretches of wear, it stopped to be an issue.

The Birkenstock Gizeh is a tasteful shoe that worked its way into our souls as it shaped to our feet winding up more alright with each excursion.

The Birkenstock Gizeh is a tasteful shoe that worked its way into our souls as it formed to our feet, ending up more alright with each excursion.

We likewise extremely adored the simple solace of the Base Camp Lite, our Best Buy for Sporty Adventures. Squishy however without giving up the entirety of its help, this was a super agreeable shoe to love. We genuinely can't think about a solitary reason somebody would despise it, particularly for just $35.

Not a long ways behind these leaders, we had a few alternatives that additionally offered fulfilling and happy with wearing encounters. Our Top Pick for Stylish Adventures, the Lala, with its wide, supple lashes and smooth footbed, was a group most loved for those with limited feet. The Sanuk Yoga Chakra has a footbed made out of genuine yoga mats, so every progression feels extravagant and squishy. What's more, the Tide II has worked in orthotics, giving it the best curve support of the considerable number of models we tried. Another most loved was the Rainbow Premier, a straightforward plan produced using delicate, supple calfskin that was super comfortable ideal from the get-go.

The thick extravagant and finished footbed of the Base Camp Lite gave an exceptionally agreeable home to our feet.

The thick, extravagant, and finished footbed of the Base Camp Lite gave an exceptionally agreeable home to our feet.

Support and Stability

It's anything but difficult to surmise that help and security aren't especially critical with a straightforward summery shoe, yet an all around built flip-slump with a superior fit means more joyful feet and less potential for torment and damage after some time. Because shoes are insignificant shoes doesn't mean you need to forfeit legitimate help. Over that, a considerable lot of us spend a decent part of the year in this sort of footwear and, with the idea of warm climate experiences, you never entirely know where the day may take you and what you should need to have the capacity to explore. Better to be prepared for anything than reviling your feet with each progression!

To appropriately test this metric we went for some exceptionally thorough climbs that numerous individuals would snatch a couple of climbing boots or shoes for — not flip failures! We climbed rocks, walked through mud, and explored some deceptively soak downhills. We likewise strolled on a considerable measure on hot hard asphalt, rode bicycles, and even swam around in a waterway. All things considered, we put these shoes through a serious testing process, taking in a ton about their qualities and shortcomings all the while.

We had two victors for this class be that as it may, once more, for various reasons. The Birkenstock Gizeh, with its deliberately shaped footbed, was a reasonable decision. What's more, the Astral Rosa offered a lower leg tie that readied us for anything from a pontoon outing to a lofty mountain trail, landing it a Top Pick for Hiking and Scrambling grant.

Indeed, even before it formed to our life systems, we saw how well the Gizeh embraced each foot and upheld the curve. The upturned sides kept us supported set up so there was never a stress that we would slip off the edge when on shifted territory or when the shoe was wet. As the Gizeh got broken in and customized, these characteristics just moved forward. Regardless of whether on a climbing trail or walking around town, this shoe did not baffle.

In spite of the fact that the Gizeh resembles a dressy urban shoe it certainly stands its ground out on unpleasant territory and inspired us with its solace security and footing.

In spite of the fact that the Gizeh resembles a dressy urban shoe, it certainly stands its ground out on harsh territory, and awed us with its solace, solidness, and footing.

The Astral Rosa, then again, gave us something no other flip-slump did — a discretionary and removable lower leg lash that changed over an essential flip into an all out experience prepared flip tumble for ladies. Regardless of what you have in store for the day, this shoe will be prepared. Without the lash, the Rosa wouldn't have scored so well, however with it? It turned out to be relatively phenomenal.

The discretionary lower leg tie on the Rosa implied we were upheld and stable regardless of where we chose to walk.

The discretionary lower leg tie on the Rosa implied we were upheld and stable regardless of where we chose to walk.

The other model that offered a portion of the best help and steadiness was the Vionic Tide II. This shoe has worked in orthotics and, when fitted accurately, holds the foot cozily and safely (it runs very enormous, so in case you're in the middle of sizes make sure to measure down, as we did). Indeed, even on steep and eccentric climbs, we felt totally sure about each progression. The inserted orthotics do make a high curve bolster, something critical to remember while considering this flip slump for ladies — it's an element that can feel astounding on a few feet and very excruciating on others.

The Tide II felt was a standout amongst the most secure and strong alternatives in our test suite.

The Tide II felt was a standout amongst the most secure and steady alternatives in our test suite.

Another striking contender is this metric was the Merrell Around Town, an exceedingly stable shoe. With wide movable lashes and husky footing, we regularly felt like we had climbing shoes on, not shoes! The footbed is exceptionally smooth and isn't exactly as molded as the sets that scored higher in this class, yet we felt no misfortune in security and were prepared for whatever experience the day tossed at us.

Exploring harsh and tough landscape was no issue in the brawny Around Town Thong Buckle.

Exploring harsh and tough landscape was no issue in the brawny Around Town Thong Buckle.


As said beforehand, you can surely get a couple of flip-flops for not as much as purchasing a mixed drink, however they likely won't keep going you long or make your feet feel especially great. When you put more in your buy the expectation is that they will be with you for a considerable length of time to come — relying upon how hard you are on them, obviously. A few makers even offer resoling, tie substitution, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, which is an incredible thing to examine in case you're somebody inclined to wearing through shoes rapidly.

While we just tried these flips throughout a while, not years, we felt this was an essential metric to incorporate and observe. We can't be totally certain how proceeded with introduction to the components and ordinary wear and tear will influence these mid year extras, however a few things were apparent to us ideal from the get-go. We scored each match by evaluating the materials utilized in their creation and by taking note of little bits of harm that happened in our short, yet extraordinary, testing period.

Nothing unexpected, the Chaco Flip EcoTread was among the most strong of all the flip-flops we tried. With a durable elastic sole and amazing webbing lashes, this flip can take some genuine use before indicating scarcely any wear. Similarly as with all webbing, after some time it diminishes and shreds a bit, and elastic soles in the end wear off their tread, yet unmistakably the EcoTread is made for life span and can deal with all way of ecological components. Chaco likewise offers lash substitution for a large number of their shoes.

You will have no issue wearing the Flip EcoTread for a long time without dread of it going to pieces or looking decrepit. There's certainly a reason you see Chaco's so frequently in rough places like Colorado!

You will have no issue wearing the Flip EcoTread for a long time without dread of it breaking apart or looking pitiful. There's unquestionably a reason you see Chaco's so regularly in tough spots like Colorado!

The Tide II was another high scorer in this classification, showing itself to be a shoe that can be worn for a long time without scarcely a gouge. With vigorous soles and cushioned webbing ties, the development of this shoe isn't that not the same as the Flip EcoTread, however we observed it to be more durable. Toward the finish of our thorough testing period, this amazing shoe still didn't look multi day past fresh out of the box new. This is a great flip-tumble to put resources into for the whole deal.

Both the Vionic Tide II and the Chaco Flip EcoTread are extraordinary shoes to decide for sturdiness and life span.

Both the Vionic Tide II and the Chaco Flip EcoTread are awesome shoes to decide for solidness and life span.

Furthermore, indeed, the Astral Rosa was at the highest point of the pack. The footbed is produced using intense EVA and elastic and the extra lower leg lash from nylon webbing, a match made in experience paradise. Soil, mud, sand, water, this shoe took everything in walk and after that washed away abandoning us looking new and prepared for the following round.

Presently with the Rosa it wasn't staged by barely anything. This is certainly an awesome alternative for those that live and play hard.

Presently with the Rosa it wasn't staged by barely anything. This is certainly an awesome alternative for those that live and play hard.

What's more, by and by, the Gizeh additionally rose to the highest point of the pack, keeping up the noteworthy notoriety that Birkenstock has earned throughout the years. Like them or detest them, you can't resist the urge to see when you pull them from the container how well-made they are. Pegged as a more urban, less energetic shoe, the Gizeh had no issue staying aware of or outperforming a large number of the more outdoorsy models. Subsequent to walking through mud and swimming in waterways, the Gizeh scarcely hinted at any our undertakings other than gentler more supple calfskin. In all actuality, this alluring calfskin shoe isn't the one to pick in the event that you intend to spend each day in mud and soil, yet you can feel sure that if your day leads you into a rainstorm or down a dusty trail that your Gizeh won't be the thing keeping you down.

The one place that Birkenstocks rapidly do begin to indicate wear is on the footbed. As the light-hued calfskin molds to your feet, it obscures in shading, leaving a pleasant impression of your members. At the point when the shoes are by walking, you can't see this special personalization.

Notwithstanding its urban look the Gizeh stood its ground in the footing division when put under a magnifying glass out on earth and shake.

In spite of its urban look, the Gizeh stood its ground in the footing division when put under a magnifying glass out on soil and shake.

Our three OluKai contenders, the Ohana, Lala, and Paniolo are additionally worth specifying here. OluKai has fabricated a notoriety for knowing how to make incredible shoes, and these models effortlessly satisfied the promotion with aircraft development and excellent materials.

The Ohana and the Lala getting lively amid some fun outside journeys. The two shoes are all around developed and obviously ready to dismantle maltreatment without falling or looking battered.

The Ohana and the Lala getting spirited amid some fun open air journeys. The two shoes are all around built and obviously ready to dismantle maltreatment without falling or looking battered.

Water Resistance

How a warm climate shoe manages getting wet is an entirely imperative perspective to consider while evaluating its general execution since's will undoubtedly come up. From spring puddles to summer rainstorms, sprinklers, and shorelines, the shoe you pick ought to have the capacity to deal with dampness without making your feet feel gross or shaky. We put our tried flips through some genuine tests for this metric, everything from light waterings while strolling to full drenching and immersion in a stream. While every one of the shoes dealt with little measures of water well, completely drenching them uncovered more fluctuation and divisions in execution than in some other classification.

Both the Reef Leather Uptown and the Rainbow Single Layer Premier took off to the highest point of this metric. These insignificant flips, notwithstanding being made out of calfskin, are intended to have the capacity to deal with watery conditions. Subsequent to being altogether submerged in water, the two shoes took a negligible 20 minutes in full sun to be totally dry. The footbeds additionally immediately ingested and underhanded away water, making them easy to stroll in when wet since nothing stayed pooled at first glance. The essential division we saw between these two models and whatever is left of our contenders was the time it took the lashes to dry — while a few flips dried on the footbed rapidly, the ties clutched water for any longer.

Regardless of whether it was a light sprinkling or full inundation the Rainbow Premier took care of water effortlessly at the same time feeling extraordinary on our feet.

Regardless of whether it was a light sprinkling or full drenching, the Rainbow Premier took care of water easily, at the same time feeling awesome on our feet.

The Astral Rosa, Flip EcoTread, and Tide II likewise effectively turned out close to the highest point of this metric. Every one of them have a nonporous footbed that dries exceedingly rapidly, particularly if there's some wind stream. Spreading out in full sun subsequent to strolling in a stream, the footbed on these flips grasped a bunch of minutes to dry completely. On the off chance that you keep on strolling while a ton of water is available, the Flip and Tide II quickly feel somewhat slippy and make some flatulating commotions, yet this doesn't keep going long. In case you're wearing the lower leg tie on the Rosa any slippage because of water is a non-issue. The lashes on these models took impressively longer to dry, ideal around 30 minutes, however none of them felt unsavory on the skin to wear while moist.

To survey how well our tried flips could deal with some genuine water each match got a cold waterway shower on a hot day. Here we see a portion of the contenders with the Chaco Flip EcoTread - a simple best entertainer for this metric - on the extreme right.

To survey how well our tried flips could deal with some genuine water, each combine got a nippy waterway shower on a hot day. Here we see a portion of the contenders with the Chaco Flip EcoTread - a simple best entertainer for this metric - on the extreme right.

Being that OluKai is a Hawaiian-based organization, it was nothing unexpected that every one of them likewise took care of water great. Despite the fact that what surprised us was that the extravagant Lala and Paniolo beat their more tough partner the Ohana by a reasonable edge. The footbed on both the Lala and Paniolo underhanded water far from the surface amazingly quick, and keeping in mind that the cowhide lashes remained soggy for more, they felt cool, delicate, and charming on the skin. The Ohana took longer all around to dry, yet the primary concern we saw with these shoes was that the materials, notwithstanding when extremely wet, felt agreeable and satisfying to wear.

In the wake of strolling around in the waterway it took the Paniolo only 2 minutes to wick away the water.

In the wake of strolling around in the waterway it took the Paniolo only 2 minutes to wick away the water.


Frequently individuals neglect to consider footing when acquiring footwear they don't compare with climbing, running, or climbing. In any case, in case you're anything like us here at OutdoorGearLab, you'll wind up utilizing your flip-flops for precipice approaches, off the cuff climbs, and different arbitrary scrambles. On the off chance that that sounds like your way of life too, at that point it's to your advantage to have a shoe that won't abandon you slip-sliding everywhere and dreading for your lower legs. All our tried shoes did appropriately, however a bunch rose to the best and inspired us with their additional stickiness.

There's a second piece to this also: it's anything but difficult to consider footing just a base of-the-bottom thing, which, certainly, is the manner by which a great many people consider it. In any case, in reality, a main source of slipping and sliding, chiefly while wearing something like flip-flops, is because of absence of footbed footing. This was something we observed amid sloppy climbs and waterway strolls, and also when we were strolling around town searching for some food.

The Astral Rosa was our Top Pick for Hiking and Scrambling for the most part since its discretionary lower leg tie made generally advantageous and most secure footbed footing. This is relatively out of line on the grounds that a shoe with a backstrap will dependably feel stickier than a general flip-slump, however hello — it's an awesome shoe that can go about as both a flip and a shoe, and we gotta acknowledge a job well done.

The Rosa had amazing footing with or without its supplemental lower leg lash - yet particularly with!

The Rosa had brilliant footing with or without its supplemental lower leg tie - however particularly with!

The Merrell Around Town, with its brawny sole and steady movable ties was another best entertainer for this metric. Reliably it made us feel as secure as if we were in a significantly more generous shoe; the single special case being a climb that included loads of watery mud puddles. This hindrance rendered the majority of our flips (aside from the Rosa!) in excess of somewhat insecure (and furthermore caused different climbers in high-top boots to take a gander at us as if we'd lost a couple of marbles), however the footbed of the Around Town turned out to be especially tricky. Do the trick it to state, ou


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